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Explore Domus Aurea – A Guided Walking Tour

Domus Aurea, Via della Domus Aurea, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

1 - 2 hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

18 people




Explore Domus Aurea – A Guided Walking Tour

Rome is full of rich cultural history, and all the sights and sounds of the place make it an even more interesting place to visit.

Domus Aurea guided walking tour takes us to the majestic palace popularly known as the “Golden House,” built by the emperor Nero to live a lavish life.

The luxurious castle is one of a kind, and although its ruins are left still, it catches the attention of tourists worldwide.

Domus Aurea Walking Tour

Domus Aurea is an exquisite piece of architecture that speaks for itself. The frescoes and the hallways are designed to impress an audience and flatter them with the riches they once held.

The walking tour is provided with a guide that exchanges your vouchers with the Domus Aurea ticket. He has all the knowledge of the palace and explains everything step by step in a convincing manner.

From the history of the palace to the riches it holds, everything will be given a detailed orientation.

It is said that Nero built Domus Aurea to perfection, but the sad thing is he didn’t get to live in it and committed suicide for unknown reasons.

Nero’s Statue

Because of Nero’s extravagant nature, he built his statue in the courtyard to make a presentation that will never be forgotten.

It is a feat to watch and admire the visitors. Though the statue is not in its original form, it is still a work of art in its ruined form.

Extravagant Rooms And a Rotating Dining Room

Tourists find Domus Aurea to be extravagant because the rooms had been decorated with gold and precious stones like the mother of pearl.

The ceilings were made of ivory, and the rotating dining room moved according to the day and night.

The dining room presents the audience with a ceiling like a sky. The sky effect is truly amazing for all. The whole place is mesmerizing and a must-see for visitors all over the world.

Architectural Masterpiece

The Domus Aurea is termed to be an architectural masterpiece that amazes visitors with its beautifully crafted frescoes and pentagonal courtyard.

The walls are either covered with leaves of gold, or paintings of renowned artists are hung to give a sophisticated look.

The whole palace was adorned with expensive stones and marble that speaks volumes about the riches of the emperor.

Well Crafted Gardens

The Domus Aurea tour not only shows the interior of the palace that exudes luxury, but the gardens are also well crafted and beautifully designed, inspiring the visitors instantly.

Vineyards and cultivation are also seen on this land, and it is all so mesmerizing for tourists.

Domus Aurea ticket is not hard to get, and it enthralls the visitors with luxury and sophistication because even the ruins of the palace intrigue the visitors on a walking tour.

Safety measures in place:

  • All areas that customers touch are frequently cleaned
  • The number of visitors is limited to reduce the crowds

Important Information

What to bring:

  • Passport or ID card for children

Not allowed:

  • Luggage or large bags

Not suitable for:

  • People with mobility impairments
  • Wheelchair users


  • Visit Nero’s Golden House, the Domus Aurea, and marvel at its luxurious past
  • Get the most out of your experience on a walking tour with an official guide
  • Learn about the site's wild history and the excavations taking place there today
  • See the remains of former luxuries including intricate frescos and marble walls
  • Hear about the site's underground lakes, spa baths, and rotating dining room



  • Reserved entrance to Domus Aurea
  • Guided walking tour
  • Food and drinks
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

Tour Length

1 - 2 hours

Group Size

Up To 20 People

Tour Type

Shared Tours

Tour's Location

Domus Aurea, Via della Domus Aurea, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


Are There Any Age Restrictions For The Your?
The tour is open to visitors aged 18 and above. It is a guided walking tour, so people with walking issues should take caution. Tourists aged 16 and 17 can join the tour in the company of an adult to look after them and take responsibility if anything out of the ordinary happens.
Can I Wash My Clothes During The Tour?
The tour is a guided walking tour and is not extended to more than 2-3 hours, so it is not possible to wash your clothes during the tour. After the tour ends, you can do your laundry easily.
Will I Have Access To The Internet?
For the preservation of the tourist sights, it is advisable to take only pictures of the place. The wifi is not available. However, you can make use of mobile data given by your service providers.
Do I Need Any Vaccinations?
The visitors are advised to get the Covid-19 vaccination before joining the tour. The Coronavirus has not yet been eliminated and continues to infect people with the new variants. So, if you are vaccinated, bring your vaccination certificate with you and follow the Covid-19 protocol.


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