Rome to Pompeii Day Tour – A Perfect Combo of Amalfi Coast, Positano


Tour Highlights

  • Journey from Rome to visit UNESCO World Heritage sites in a private, air-conditioned coach
  • Discover the wonders of Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, and Positano.
  • Experience the unique history, unrivaled scenery and picturesque towns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How warm does it get in the summer?
Temperatures can soar up during the summer months, and on many occasions, you'll be required to walk under direct sunlight. So don't forget to apply sunscreen on all your exposed skin. Keep drinking water frequently. You're allowed to carry your water bottle with you. It's strongly recommended to wear a hat or other form of head covering to avoid the harsh effects of direct sunlight.
Can I bring my infant baby along with me?
It's strongly recommended that you don't bring your infants with you on Tours from Rome to Pompeii and Amalfi Coast. Baby strollers and carriages aren't allowed on this tour. As you'll have a lot of walking to do, it'll be difficult for you to carry your baby around. Plus, harsh weather may have unpleasant effects on the infant. The experience will be disturbing for both of you. You might wanna consider postponing your tour to when your child is older.
I wanna stay at a cabin at Amalfi Coast? Can I bring my suitcase with me?
Large luggage items, including suitcases, aren't allowed on this trip. You may bring your hand bag or backpack. Larger and heavier bags will have to be excluded, so make sure you leave them behind. You can carry food and drink items with you.
I want to take nice photos. Is it ok to wear my heels?
As you'll be walking a lot during this trip, and you might have to cross some rugged paths, you are strongly recommended to keep your safety and comfort as your first priority. Consider carrying your heels in your backpack and wearing them only when you pose for photos, and keep wearing comfortable shoes at all other times.
Why can't my crippled friend come with us?
This tour is not equipped enough to accommodate people with mobility impairment. Visitors in wheelchairs can't come either, as the paths and sites are not suitable. Such visitors may visit other specially designed tourist attractions in Italy.

Tour Length

Full Day

Group Size

Up To 30 People

Tour Type

Shared Tours

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