Our team at ItalyRomanTours has put their heads together to come up with a list of the questions we answer most frequently to help you get the information you want quickly. Can’t find what you need? Drop us an email at info@ItalyRomanTours.com or check out at our Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy and Cancellation Policy for more detailed answers.

There are so many tour companies out there. Why should I choose ItalyRomanTours?
The question isn’t which company has the best tour – tours may be quite similar on paper – the question is which tour is best for you. What really makes Italy Roman Tours different is the size of our groups. You’ll find lots of tours for more than 25 people, you’ll find small group tours for 15-25 people, but only LivTours has semi-private tours of maximum 6 people. If you are someone who doesn’t want to be in a large group with a radio round their neck, who wants to be able to ask questions and engage with your guide, then we could be the right fit for you. Want to know what traveling with us is like? Just take a look at what our guests have said about traveling with us on Tripadvisor.
Where do you operate tours?
We have 100's of tours all over Italy. and continuing to expand to the places our clients tell us they want to visit.
I’m trying to book through your website, but it isn’t working. What’s going on?
If you are using an old version of Internet Explorer (Explorer 9 and/or before), you might have some problems proceeding with your booking. Either update your internet browser or try using a different one (i.e. Firefox Mozilla, Safari or Chrome) and you are always welcome to call or email us to finalize your booking for you
I’d like to speak to a human before booking, what’s the best way to do this?
You can call us on Skype or by phone 24/7. If you’d rather write, you can email, or chat with us via the chatbot at the bottom of each page on our site. You can find all our contact information on the Contact Page.
My booking hasn’t been confirmed yet, the system says it’s ‘pending’. What’s that about?
This can happen on bespoke, VIP experiences, like the Helicopter Tour over Rome, which we need to confirm with an external supplier, and sometimes on last-minute bookings. If you see a “pending” message, this means that your credit card has not been charged but we’ve received your request and we are working on it. You should receive the confirmation within a few hours and your card will only be charged once your tour is confirmed.
Can I book with Italy Roman Tours at the last minute?
Of course! For semi-private tours, you’ll find up-to-date availability up to 3 hrs before the start time of the tour. If you can’t see what you want, or are looking for a private tour, contact our customer service team and find out when the next available tour is.