Terms & Conditions


All our respected customers are requested to submit any compliance upon the tour booking details, guarantee, releasing payments, etc. And it would be best if you stay restricted to follow our Terms & conditions police.

In case of any doubt and query regarding Itlay Roman Tours terms and conditions before booking, you are requested to contact us before any transaction of payments and placing your tour booking.

Safety & Liability

The Italy Roman Tours is not guaranteed the standard of safety. We aren’t usually the ones that handle it in case of any personal bad incidence and injuries. Also, we are not liable for the loss & damage of your luggage & misplaced items.

The company is not answerable for injuries, damages, loss, death, delays, or any inconvenience caused by a natural disaster. Hence we are also not responsible for any other bad event that we are beyond the capacity to prevent, such as bad weather, flood, Earthquake, volcanic eruption, wars, etc.

Museum/Site Ticket

Italy Roman Tours company makes sure of the availability of tickets on pre-bookings. In rare events when tickets are not available on pre-purchasing, we are responsible for contacting our respected customers and offering any suitable alternative. In case of no options, we proceed with the tour cancellation and immediately refund the full amount into your account.

Rules & Regulations For Covid-19

Italy Roman tours request our customers to follow the safety requirements and rules for the covid-19. Every above 6-year participant must wear a mask while visiting the museum or site. The Italy Roman Tours company’s group size is an utmost of eight members. We are always bound to follow sustainable travel scenarios, and most importantly, we feel pride that in the post covid circumstances, we fulfill every changing and challenging requirement and always stay at for front of innovation for new times.

About Last Minute Booking

The Italy Roman Tours has a team of devoted experts. We try our best to satisfy your last-minute bookings. On very rare occasions, we face a shortage of guides or tickets. In such an event, we will do our best to provide an alternative; otherwise, we will return your entire expense immediately.

About Late Arrivals (Shared & Semi-Private Tour)

After receiving the tour voucher, please read it thoroughly. Italy Roman Tours company has mentioned everything on it. It is completely said that where the participants and guide will meet to start the tour. We also have cleared that 10 to 15 minutes prior reached the point. Your voucher will assist in case of delay & assure your arrival. Yet, we cannot assure you that your guide will be waiting for you if you reach late at the meeting place.

Also, the Italy Roman Tours is not liable to refund any amount in such cases. However, if you purchased a refundable tour, you must go through our cancellation policy page. Further, we promise to do our best to adjust you in case of your late arrival and when your tour has already commenced.

About Late Arrivals (private tour/ transfer Services)

When you book a private tour, you will be provided with a guide who will wait for the length and duration of the tour. If you have any idea that you couldn’t reach on time for the tour, then it is your responsibility to inform on Italy Roman Tours emergency number (+39 3505973345).

The delayed time will be subtracted from your total tour duration. However, at the last minute delay, we are unable to provide any guarantee to shift pick-up time or day in the same amount; you have to pay the additional cost.

Colosseum Underground

Cultural Affairs & controlling site authorities issue every three months the availability of the Colosseum underground and its restricted areas. The tour operators avail slots purchasing opportunities. At our place, we care about the feelings of our customers. That’s why Italy Roman Tours tries to capture the best slots to provide you with convenience at your starting time. We also request you to be quick and flexible. For the best service, you also need to be co-operative.

How To Avail  Discounts

Those customers who have won any promotional discount offer or have a discount code must apply before purchasing a tour. Discounts can not be subject to apply retroactively at all. For more details, please get in touch with us.

Requirement Of Proof Of Age

At Italy Roman Tours, all the participants are requested to show any proof of age. Elders show their original ID card, and for their children(under the age of 18) necessary to show proof with a photocopy of their valid personal ID. Students from ages 18 to 26 have to show their credible student ID to avail of students rate (if any). Driver’s License, birth certificate, passport, ID card, thus proof in above mentioned any forms are acceptable.

Change In Order Of Site Visit

All our tour descriptions are described, how the tour will start, what we visit first through the mentioned ways and all. But if due to any logistical reason, the guide may change in the order of site to be visited. Here, we assure you that nothing will be skipped or shortened. It’s just a change in order, so don’t worry at all.