Italy Roman Tours

Started with a simple goal: giving outstanding tours of the Roman Colosseum. Since then, we’ve expanded throughout Italy but we still believe that the best tours start with dedicated, intelligent, and above all, passionate people who want to share their history and culture with you.

We want you to experience Italy at ground level, with an expert local guide and a small group of like-minded friends. When you wander down that side street, chat with a friendly local, or stumble upon that unforgettable restaurant you make a real connection with a place.

From Rome to Pompeii, Florence to Venice, Milan to the Amalfi Coast, our teams of local insiders are helping you connect to the stories, people, and cultures of Italy. So what are you waiting for?

Continuity Of Quality

We’ve provided insightful and entertaining tours across Italy most stunning cities for more than 7 years. It all began in 2015 with one tour aimed at introducing travelers to a different side of Italy’s capital: Italy Roman Tours. Our founder and CEO, Ramy Diab wanted to show Rome in a new light and was passionate about giving travelers an incredible, memorable experience in the Eternal City.  This simple premise sparked the essence of Italy Roman Tours: “Yes” to smaller groups, exclusive customer benefits, exceptional guides, and excellent customer service.

Italy roman tours

Clean, Cushy Accommodation

Accommodation makes or breaks a trip! You have access to a hotel pool or a beach nearby most days on tour. Most nights, you share a room with just one other group member. The select dorm-style options included are ultra-comfy, extra clean, and uber-unique.