Florence and Pisa Day Trip From Rome – A Semi-Private tour


Tour Highlights

  • Drive through the scenic River Tiber valley and Chianti vineyards
  • Stroll the medieval streets of Florence
  • Benefit from a tour assistant, traveling with you throughout the tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Leaning Tower of Pisa not Falling, and what makes this tower so admired by everyone?
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is not falling because its core of gravity has been carefully protected within its root (base). When the tower was first constructed, it was standing straight. But after some time (about 5 years later), the bottom of the building begins to sit unevenly. That is why it started to tilt towards the south. The tiltedness of the tower makes people visit this place and cherish its beauty.
How long does the ride take to cover Rome To Florence?
While doing the Rome to Florence Day Tour, the ride from Rome to Florence covers 1 hour and 30 minutes if you are going at high speed.
Is the trip from Florence to Pisa worth your time and money?
Yes! If you are making a Florence and Pisa day trip from Rome, then you will surely love every sight of it. One of the popular cities to visit in Italy is Florence. You will enjoy every place in Pisa and Florence, whether it be the Statue of David or the Duomo of Pisa. Every site there has its charm, especially if you visit it first.
Is there any ticket to see the leaning tower of Pisa?
If you want to see the tower of Pisa, then there are no price or ticket worries waiting for you. If you want to climb the famous tower, you will need to buy a timed admission ticket. You can also buy this ticket order to get a specific time slot and day.

Tour Length

Full Day

Group Size

Up To 6 People

Tour Type

Semi Private Tour

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